Beta Mascots

Mint Date - 13 MAY 17:00 EST


Beta Mascot is the first PFP collection by The Sports NFT on Cronos Block chain.

Our Mascots are symbol of fast action, patience, opportunity, self – esteem, flexibility, focus, selectivity, intensity, progress, curiosity, intelligence, perception, adaptability, unconventional love and resting. This collection was designed specifically to align with our long-term vision of marketplace for trading real world collectables.

Inspired by the game and the will to rise from amateur players to become rising legends, once a cool fun group of commoners started practicing the game. They are like us who love to play the game irrespective of their age, size, and background. The rapid development of civilization allowed them to reach an unbelievable level of intellectual agility. They decided to learn from people what is most beautiful, valuable, and exciting: Sports. Meet a group of friends discovering the fun in the most popular sports in the world. Come and play with them.

RARITY Head count of Beta mascots is 3456 divided into 06 different factions viz. Soccer, basketball, baseball, cricket, golf and hockey. Each mascot is unique, 3D and generated from over 120+ hand drawn traits.

Each faction consists of 576 mascots with individual rankings and rarity.
Factions rarity rankings coming soon!

Factional ranking


  • Free Mint- 10% of the collection (345 mascots) are raffle tickets. Random Token# will be selected by community on discord before minting and whosoever gets those token# in primary sale is eligible to get full refund of mint price.
    Only Primary mints will be eligible, and snapshot will be taken 1 week after minting.

Short Term

  • 2% Rare VIP Gold Chain Trait- Mascots with VIP Gold Chain trait will be considered equivalent to ‘Gold Partner‘ and will become profit sharing partners in our ecosystem as mentioned in gold-roadmap.
  • Top 10 holders will get an air drop of 1/1 legendary PFP custom made to their preference.
  • Exclusive competitions and raffles in our discord for holders.

NOTE : % Shares of Gold Partner (30% among 300 NFT’s) still remain unchanged.This is an additional equity giveaway.

Long Term

  • Free Ticket- NFT will act as a membership ticket to trade free on our marketplace.
  • 90% of royalties from secondary markets will be used to reward holders with weekly raffles. We will buy back gold-partner NFT’s and giveaway to Mascots making them partners and will also buy other NFT’s from great projects every week to giveaway. DAO Board will be formed with top Beta Mascot holders and DAO will decide and control use of royalties either for raffles or for staking pools.
  • Holders will be WL for future drops and Pre-sale of Tokens by The Sports NFT in next phase.



Founder & Developer

SkullHoDler (Moh)

Blender and Animation Ninja

Kitty Max (Max)

Strategist and Investor


Discord and Development